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The More We Try The Worse We Become

Is there anything we humans can get right?

While Catholics fret over a new Fuhrer (sorry, Pope)
and North Korea’s new ass-dictator plays schoolboy games with nuclear weapons
and American Republicans filibuster everything under the sun
and hip-hop rappers front about how they roll and how much paper money they are making
and Islamists burn flags and effigies and dream about virgins in heaven
and authorities imprison petty thieves then bail out financial crooks
and the English obsesses over Wayne Rooney and the cost of nannies
and …. oh what the hell … the rest of the insanities of the human condition

Meanwhile we destroy the only home we have and (probably) will ever have. Planet Earth.
We are insane and that’s official.
But what can I do? What will I do?

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