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God’s Own People (GOP)

The morbid and self-pitying wailing coming from Republicans, post the US election, is not only childish but wretched and pathetic. The way it looks, if Republicans win the White House they earn a mandate to make (or repeal) the laws all Americans must follow. But if they lose they want the President-Elect assassinated, individual states to secede and people to buy ammunition in preparation of the coming fight (or defense) of their Amendment Rights. This coterie of ignoramuses can’t see how much they are making, and have over the last four years made, a mockery of “the country we so love” before the rest of the world, tarring the “good name” of America with the filthy muck more associated with despots and failed states. Multiple comments about how America is now finished, that this is the end, that Obama is a communist (!, go figure), America is now for the takers not the makers etc are asinine if not imbecilic.

Let’s look at this another way: Americans are quick to harp on about their military and how their soldiers are around the world fighting for democracy and freedom. (And yes, they fought for freedom, though not democracy, in World War I and II and we are grateful). Fast forward to the 21st Century and let’s assume American soldiers bring democracy to a troubled country and a political party is elected to office. For what will the blood of “our brave men and women” have been shed if the losing party then decides to rend the country? Isn’t the whole point of democracy to engineer a majority rule as the fairest system of governance (or else we will fight each other to perdition) and everyone else falls in line until the next election? Isn’t the opposition then supposed to help debate issues and proposed legislation, intelligently and constructively, rather than being ingrates and obstructionists as the Republicans have been? Crucially, isn’t the opposition supposed to figure out what went wrong at the previous election and then evolve or better educate the public so they (the opposition) stand a better chance of winning at the next? Is this what Republicans are thinking of doing? Oh no, democracy be damned. They plan to dig in their heels and fight the good fight of conservatism!!! Let the country go to pot. It’s no wonder the typical Republican is regarded by the rest of humanity (except possibly by fascists and extremists) as being thick as a log.

The present state of the Republican Party illustrates very clearly why religion is (or at least one of the reasons why it is) such a dangerous master and this applies from America to Iran to Popery. Religion is grounded in and furthered by near-sighted diehards who are intent on and willing to clubber their way to power; imposing their bigoted and appallingly narrow views on all and sundry. Perhaps this should be less of a surprise given that the god of the Christians and the Muslims, and of course the Jews, (assuming he is one and the same) is an inflexible and unyielding tyrant. It’s always His way or hell. At the rate things are going in America, if the Republicans don’t repent of their self-destructive sin, then the world might just be witnessing the beginnings of a slow moving train wreck: civil disobedience, civil war and the implosion of the “greatest country the world has ever seen”. So in the end, it won’t be China that brings down America but God through the GOP. How tragic. And the experiment that began with such lofty ideals in 1776 would be smashed by the crazy mis-illusions of God’s Own People.

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The word on the Tweet is that Donald Trump went ballistic last night after Romney lost the US presidential election. The Don promptly called (tweeted) for a revolution and a march on Washington. According to Trump, being elected on account of winning more votes (be it popular or electoral college) is not democratic. Your Buffooness, what is democracy? If I stand for class president and I win one more vote than my rival, that is democracy. Period. No? What, no? He’s a sore loser, and I might add a dangerous one, who incites and inflames as he proclaims and insists: my way, everyday or hell will pay. This bloated oaf of a twat thinks he’s entitled to a voice because he has money, and lots of it, rather than because he is, dare I say, merely a citizen. It’s clear His Fakeness is, to all appearances, ignorant of the meaning and significance of the word, citizen: “a member of a State”. Donald and the rest of his obstreperous and crackpot repub nuts think citizen stands for insurrectionist. This singular and obtuse view stands in contraposition to the grace in Romney’s concession speech in which he said, “we lost, now let’s work together”. He (Romney) may be flipflopper but at least this time he flopped (after a flopped campaign) on the side of reason and common sense. Mr Trump, when will you do your fat mouth a favour and shut it? Be a Celebrity Apprentice Master please but spare us your idiocy. You’re a despicable skunk and a twat to boot and, and as Brian Williams says, beyond relevance.

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Who The Heck Is Todd Akin?

Todd Akin is a House representative from Missouri running for the Senate. He has a degree in management engineering and a Masters in Divinity (whatever that means). He’s voted for carrying concealed weapons, against all abortion and against increases in education spending! He is also a Republican, the undisputed legion of nutters. Mr Akin has been in the news recently for comments implying there is such a thing as “legitimate rape” and that abortion should not be allowed even here since women’s bodies have a natural way of shutting down under legitimate rapes. I’m scratching my head: if the rape is legitimate why should the body want to shut it down? And if it did is that not abortion? And how does a woman’s body know which rape is legitimate and which one isn’t? Shouldn’t the body be trying to block “illegitimate” rapes? Perhaps if Mr Akin is allowed to present evidence for his case even he may in the telling realise what a muppet he is.