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Patience Is A Hard Act To Follow

Daytime television as seen on Jeremy Kyle
(Look away now for I am going to be politically incorrect)

Case 1:
Black father attempts to reunite with his three estranged children. He abandoned them 20 years ago, reconciled and then abandoned them again. Man was high on something. Children are visibly upset but the man, being highly strung, kept interrupting them, telling them to shut up while he was talking because he’s their father. The disciplinarian. Yes, he was an ass. He wouldn’t shut up and listen to his distraught children.

Case 2:
Two enormous black hogs – one the mother, the other the daughter. Daughter craves to be loved as she is. Mother’s having none of that. She’s screaming at daughter: you’re too fat, you keep eating, you can’t get a man, on and on. Can’t stop the bitch if you slapped her. Yes but mother you’re not just fat, you’re grotesque. If you really love your daughter set an example. But no, piggy knew best.

That set me thinking why people go on national television to wash their filthy laundry. A problem that cannot be solved in private is not going to be solved on telly screaming abuse at each other. Or is it – do they get paid for this? [Why was I watching this? I was on the treadmill at the gym and subtitles was on]. Later that night I was Maximus Interruptor during an engaging conversation with friends. I had a point to make you know. The other guy kept asking me to let him finish. I bit my lip. The thought was gone. It’s not so easy to just shut up and let someone else speak. Yes, but … can you let me finish …ok, but … aw, shut up!