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Silent While Evil Triumphs

I’m sure parts of India are fantastic to see but there are way too many incidents like this (woman raped and then set on fire) that make me wonder how Western women, in their quest for enlightenment, feel comfortable travelling alone in that country. It’s quite unnerving how easy we humans accept things that happen around us as normal: owning slaves, hanging negros, raping women and/or children, burning witches, silencing minorities, stoning infidels, exploiting workers, Orwellian surveillance and so forth. If the majority are doing it, or not actively fighting it, then it must be OK. Or the other excuse: “it’s part of our culture”.

People can hide the most odious and disgusting practices, like castes and honor killings, behind irrational institutions like culture or religion but they can’t change the fact that oppression of other humans is inconsistent with common decency. Without decency a man is no more than a beast. Since evil triumphs when good men do nothing (Edmund Burke), standing silent on the sidelines and doing nothing is not an acceptable option for a decent human being.

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Farhan Akhtar: Hero

Farhan Akhtar, Bollywood actor and director.


In India a rape is reported every 20 minutes (if this Guardian report is reliable). Whether in India or Steubenville, U.S.A women should not be subject to unwanted or non-consensual sex. Justifying rape on religious grounds or with the disgusting defense attorney tactic of smearing the victim is not just morally indefensible but thoughtlessly stupid and should be against the law.

To all our straight men out there: if she doesn’t want it or has not positively said “Yes” while not under duress then go home and get the lube. That’s what your right/left hand is for. (Advice also for gay men and Catholic priests).

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Who The Heck Is Todd Akin?

Todd Akin is a House representative from Missouri running for the Senate. He has a degree in management engineering and a Masters in Divinity (whatever that means). He’s voted for carrying concealed weapons, against all abortion and against increases in education spending! He is also a Republican, the undisputed legion of nutters. Mr Akin has been in the news recently for comments implying there is such a thing as “legitimate rape” and that abortion should not be allowed even here since women’s bodies have a natural way of shutting down under legitimate rapes. I’m scratching my head: if the rape is legitimate why should the body want to shut it down? And if it did is that not abortion? And how does a woman’s body know which rape is legitimate and which one isn’t? Shouldn’t the body be trying to block “illegitimate” rapes? Perhaps if Mr Akin is allowed to present evidence for his case even he may in the telling realise what a muppet he is.