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The word on the Tweet is that Donald Trump went ballistic last night after Romney lost the US presidential election. The Don promptly called (tweeted) for a revolution and a march on Washington. According to Trump, being elected on account of winning more votes (be it popular or electoral college) is not democratic. Your Buffooness, what is democracy? If I stand for class president and I win one more vote than my rival, that is democracy. Period. No? What, no? He’s a sore loser, and I might add a dangerous one, who incites and inflames as he proclaims and insists: my way, everyday or hell will pay. This bloated oaf of a twat thinks he’s entitled to a voice because he has money, and lots of it, rather than because he is, dare I say, merely a citizen. It’s clear His Fakeness is, to all appearances, ignorant of the meaning and significance of the word, citizen: “a member of a State”. Donald and the rest of his obstreperous and crackpot repub nuts think citizen stands for insurrectionist. This singular and obtuse view stands in contraposition to the grace in Romney’s concession speech in which he said, “we lost, now let’s work together”. He (Romney) may be flipflopper but at least this time he flopped (after a flopped campaign) on the side of reason and common sense. Mr Trump, when will you do your fat mouth a favour and shut it? Be a Celebrity Apprentice Master please but spare us your idiocy. You’re a despicable skunk and a twat to boot and, and as Brian Williams says, beyond relevance.

The Master And His Slaves

“Obey”, said Frederick the Great to his subjects, but when he died his words were,
“I am tired of ruling slaves.”

Murdoch In The Dock

Murdoch, the great conjurer. Nothing he says can be taken for reality and nothing he forgets can be ignored. He forgets what everyone else wishes to remember and remembers what no one recalls. Therein lies the secret of our successful captain of industry. Lie pathologically often enough, and sure as full moon follows its half, your own Crucible of Truth is forged, at once astonishing and terrifying in its resplendence. Who could have thought that this former Labour supporter would celebrate a life suborning feckless political leaders, to exploit the self-same workers, vacuous though they are, that he once worked to serve. Yet there he is, all eighty one years, without integrity or dignity claiming ignorance and protesting his innocence. I have no doubt that he will go to his grave with the priest’s cross signed over his grinning face; absolved of all sin. After all, God always forgives provided one repents just before He casts your sinning ass into hell. But on this earth, history won’t be so forgiving to Mr Murdoch. Infamy survives all psychopaths.

Gingrich at 51

This from The Daily Beast. Gingrich at +51% favourable rating. Should I start laughing? The man is f.g moron. [so was Dubya and he was elected at least once, first time was a stolen election worthy of a despotic state].

I’m rapidly coming round to the idea that some people are simply not intelligent enough to vote. But that’s what they used to say about women and black people. Perhaps I better let sleeping dogs lie.




Nerd Newt or Newt Dunce

Brilliant article on the man who would be president. This man may as well be living on the moon.
Gingrich: Fly me to the moon


“Honesty is such a lonely word, everyone is so untrue” – Billy Joel

The western press is really making hay while the sun is not shining on Vladimir Putin. How incompetent his election officials are! After the stuffing of funfzig hundert tausend ballot boxes they still couldn’t win 50% of the vote. My, this would not have happened in Stalin’s time. How many people would have disappeared by now! Putin, such a softie. United Russia could have learned from America’s 2004 electronic voting machine fiasco and then improved upon it. But the Russians are done learning from the Americans. Nashi rules.

Electoral fraud is not new. If we board a time machine and head back over 5000 years to Athens, the birthplace of our democracy, we’ll find voter fraud there. It was not uncommon for voters to be bribed. Republican Rome was notorious for voter fraud. High office was frequently the door to serious wealth if you wanted it and to get there you needed money. Lots of it. Enter the money merchants. The historians tell us that in Cicero’s time, Crassus was the wealthiest man in town and he bought his way to power alongside Pompey and Julius Caesar. Today, power is bought by lobbyists and the men in blue from the corporate world. A political contribution here, a free stay in my villa for the PM there and soon contracts are rolling in like you don’t know if Fortuna just woke up on the right side of your bed. Here in the UK, our government recently denied being unduly influenced by lobbyists. At least they are not denying being influenced, just unduly. Thank God for some honesty.

Solon wrote that while good men are often poor, many bad men are rich which leads me to this clumsy logical fallacy: politicians need rich men, bad men are rich, voters elect politicians, voters are bad. But we don’t easily accept our badness. We can’t tell the truth even to ourselves. We are collectively bad and individually from Lake Wobegone. Cognitive dissonance rules. In this world, one may well, like Diogenes of Sinope, go looking for an honest man with a lantern.