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Wanted: Niggas With Accomplishments

The video below in which Chris Rock excoriates niggas is painful to watch and what he says uncomfortable to hear (I really don’t know why his audience was laughing like it’s a joke) but, if we must call spades spades, there’s a lot of truth in what he said. The meta-problems of “black people” as I see them: poor education, short term thinking/planning, low expectations, bling over investment, over-religiosity, dicks that won’t stop fucking; however stretch well beyond the Americas and the Caribbean to here in Europe (Britain and France particularly) and, of course, Africa. We just can’t seem to get our shit together.

Blaming the white man for our ills is tiresome and passé. Yes, he screwed us over during slavery but there was a time when white people were slaves of each other (read any good literature on Ancient Greece or Rome) and they fought to the death over it. Our ancestors didn’t do that but that’s another story. Yes, he won’t employ us or pay us what we are worth but Jews had this problem way before us and look at what they have accomplished. Yes, we have achieved much in sports and entertainment but we desperately need: doctors and scientists celebrated for discovering things, engineers and innovators celebrated for inventing things, entrepreneurs celebrated for creating serious businesses (not just hair products and partnerships with Niké), educators and writers celebrated for serious research and classic literature, artists celebrated for pushing the boundaries (rap once did but has lost its way in filth).

Education, hard work plus the usual dose of good luck are prerequisites for success and the well-being of any society. We as black people are as capable and as good as any other colored folks; white, brown or asian. God forbid we can only be drug dealers and booty shakers and street cleaners (as the world sees us, speaking generally) with diets built around KFC and McDonalds. I am generalising here as there are many black people of high professional standing. We too are capable of sitting in smart coffee shops poring over Macs and collaborating on the next big thing. Education and hard work and the usual dose of good luck will ride our tailwind.

Musings, Politics

Adrian Beecroft: Deft or Daft?

It’s frightening and sickening that in today’s Britain, you can pass brown envelopes stuffed with money to the ruling Conservative Party, and you automatically earn the right to make government policy. Yes, just like Mohammed, you can emerge from self-imposed hibernation, brandishing your own holy book of rules. And like Big Mo, we are all impressed upon to comply.

The band of young, privileged, merry and utterly visionless, not to say brainless, men and women who rock the party in our Cabinet leave me speechless. For all Obama’s (alleged) faults, at least the man thinks and deliberates. Everything is considered from every angle. But in Britain, we have Cameron – a most unimpressive man at best. He has and has had nothing of import or interest to say. Most of his utterances of late are geared towards poking his nose in the Euro crisis and annoying the French and Germans even as his party wants to be at the heart of Europe or is it to break free from Europe. I’m confused. Given a chance they would all sail west to America. They don’t seem to realise that America now has bigger fish elsewhere to attend to.

If the news is to be believed, it seems the British government as constituted by the Tories have delegated employment policy to their party donor, Adrian Beecroft; and his grand idea: give bosses the right to sack anyone if, when and how they like. Apparently sacking people creates jobs. Huh? And if you point out the obvious contradiction or the potential for massive abuses of power, he calls you a “socialist”.  What a prick.

First of all, something as important as employment policy should never be handed over to a single individual, let alone a party donor. Secondly, there’s nothing wrong with our bosses present ability to fire us: 1m of us have been fired since the economic crisis began. In a country with only 60m people that’s a large number. And lastly, we the British people do not want to go back to servitude of the Dickensian kind. Germany, afterall, with all its tough pro-employee laws is both richer and more productive than we are. The ability to fire workers at will is neither a necessary or sufficient condition for economic success. Who will tell the brainwashed Tory party?


Sky Launches F1 Channel

Bookstores are closing, freedom seekers in Damascus are being shot from rooftops, Iran is hellbent on being a global nuisance, children in Africa are dying again (some people need to be taught family planning), children in Britain are begetting children (some people need family discipline), the economy is booming or in recession or in depression depending on which report you read, Europe is exploding ….

Sky launches a brand new HD channel dedicated to Formula 1. A swath of men from London to Calcutta will be spending a substantial fraction of their short lives watching driven men driving ludicrously expensive cars round and around, around and round a racetrack. Every practice session will be shown live. You can even go behind the scenes perhaps into the brain of a featured driver and find out what he’s actually thinking behind the wheel: “I win this race and I’m f*g banging that redhead – I don’t give a fuck she’s my mechanic’s daughter”.

OK, if I’m dreaming, someone slap me ’cause I need to wake up.