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Wanted: Niggas With Accomplishments

The video below in which Chris Rock excoriates niggas is painful to watch and what he says uncomfortable to hear (I really don’t know why his audience was laughing like it’s a joke) but, if we must call spades spades, there’s a lot of truth in what he said. The meta-problems of “black people” as I see them: poor education, short term thinking/planning, low expectations, bling over investment, over-religiosity, dicks that won’t stop fucking; however stretch well beyond the Americas and the Caribbean to here in Europe (Britain and France particularly) and, of course, Africa. We just can’t seem to get our shit together.

Blaming the white man for our ills is tiresome and passé. Yes, he screwed us over during slavery but there was a time when white people were slaves of each other (read any good literature on Ancient Greece or Rome) and they fought to the death over it. Our ancestors didn’t do that but that’s another story. Yes, he won’t employ us or pay us what we are worth but Jews had this problem way before us and look at what they have accomplished. Yes, we have achieved much in sports and entertainment but we desperately need: doctors and scientists celebrated for discovering things, engineers and innovators celebrated for inventing things, entrepreneurs celebrated for creating serious businesses (not just hair products and partnerships with Niké), educators and writers celebrated for serious research and classic literature, artists celebrated for pushing the boundaries (rap once did but has lost its way in filth).

Education, hard work plus the usual dose of good luck are prerequisites for success and the well-being of any society. We as black people are as capable and as good as any other colored folks; white, brown or asian. God forbid we can only be drug dealers and booty shakers and street cleaners (as the world sees us, speaking generally) with diets built around KFC and McDonalds. I am generalising here as there are many black people of high professional standing. We too are capable of sitting in smart coffee shops poring over Macs and collaborating on the next big thing. Education and hard work and the usual dose of good luck will ride our tailwind.