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Lay Your Dreams Right Up To The Sky

Hang onto the world as it spins, around
Just don’t let the spin get you down
Things are moving fast
Hold on tight and you will last

Keep your self-respect, your manly pride
Get yourself in gear
Keep your stride
Never mind your fears
Brighter days will soon be here

Take it from me someday we’ll all be free (Yeah)

Keep on walking tall, hold your head up high
Lay your dreams right up to the sky
Sing your greatest song
And you’ll keep, going, going on

(Hey) Just wait and see someday we’ll all be free. (Yeah)
Take it from me, Someday we’ll all be free
(It won’t be long) Take it from me someday we’ll all be free
Take it from me, take it from me, take it from me

lyrics and performed by – the late great Donny Hathaway

How You Gonna Play Them CDs?

We’ll, one day, tell our grandkids: ‘There used to be these things called CDs that played music and they were supposed to last forever.”


Those were the posters screaming from the spattered windows of my local HMV store this afternoon. I sauntered in overrun by thoughts of  “Wow so many CDs! At bucket prices! I better get me some”. Greatest Hits “Rush”? Now, that’s a band I’ve heard of and I don’t have any of their records. At £2,99 maybe worth a try. What’s there to lose?

Tada, my brain jingled its pre-xmas bells: “But you don’t have a CD player” (It’s in storage but you get the drift). “And your new MacBook does not have a CD/DVD drive”. So even if I want to buy CDs (to support my local shops even though the last one is going) I can’t buy CDs because I can no longer play the darned things.


Heart To Goose Pimples

Love this song to bits …Kenny Loggins “Heart To Heart” with Michael McDonald on background and I hear David Sanborn on sax. Those were the days … (he writes as his eyes get misty)

Clap Along If You Feel Like Happiness Is The Truth

So I went to my first “Northern Soul” dig tonight (Mascara Bar, Stamford Hill) where the average age of the punters was somewhere north of half a century. Then the DJ plays this by Pharrell Williams which was the first time I’d heard the song. And it fit just right in with all the 60’s oldies records. What a nice song too – not all new music is noise. Phew!

(Turns out oldies like to dance and some of those cats can move)

Bruno Mars’ Ghost Treasure

Bruno Mars chanelling MJ 🙂
I remember when this editing style was state of the art for music videos – (yeah, around 30 years ago). Kool and the Gang had a whole stream of videos that did the ghosting technique to death. You don’t believe me? Check out the video below. Ha ha!!!

Billy Joel: Simply Evil

I still remember the first time I heard this – stayed in my head for days. Simply Evil.

Fendi Turned Down My Leather Jogging Pants!

Hilarious. Is Kanye West off the charts mental? “Biggest rock star in the world?” I am getting older (also known as rusty) and somewhat disconnected from youth culture but how did I miss that rap has now become rock? Listening to Kanye I can’t help but think that like many before him his commercial success has gone not just to his head but way above into the stratosphere and so far up where there’s no oxygen. Without oxygen to the brain we become delirious. And the very idea that Fendi is supposed to take his designs! Why? Because he’s black? My advice to Kanye (ok, not like he gives two cents) is that if he, really, is that good he should give two thumbs to the entire “white” fashion establishment and set up his own fashion label and store and sell his leather jogging pants direct to the public. I can think of nothing more hip than narcissistic celebrities in sweltering LA collapsing from hyperthermia while jogging in KW designer leather pants. That would be so cool.

Some people need a good dose of reality and basic rational thinking. I’m thinking, Kanye?