Muhammed Was Anything But Peaceful

I occasionally take pot shots at Christianity as I used to be a mug for it once believing in all the rank nonsense of the Bible. As a layman I have watched with stupefaction the craziness that is Mohammedanism. I haven’t read the Koran or Islamic history yet but from this entry on The Thinking Atheist I can’t wait. Should be so much fun. (And no, I will not be reading Islamic history written by a Muslim. That would be like reading about God from a book written by a US televangelist – full of rank nonsense and lies).

“Muhammad was anything but peaceful during his lifetime. He was a slave-owning, lying, thieving, raping, pillaging, extremely violent warlord who spread Islam by the sword, attacked innocent tribes with zero provocation, beheaded people with his own hand, raped a young woman immediately after he murdered her young husband and father, condoned wife-beating and even commanded it in his cult’s dogma, and had sex with a nine year-old little girl named Aisha when he was in his 50s. Just to name a few “highlights” though there is plenty more.

If there was something rotten, immoral, perverse, evil, or downright stupid a human being could do, Muhammad did it. In any civilized country today his repugnant ass would be in prison where in belonged [sic].”