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Spanking For Jesus

  • The Bible places the husband in authority over the wife
  • The Bible is God’s literal, inerrant word.
  • The Bible declaims sparing the rod and spoiling the sinner.
  • Ergo, God approves spanking between consenting married adults.

Looks like a bunch of christian men and women who want a bit of Bible-sanctioned S&M. Or just men who want to rule their households with the same type of effective discipline that God exercises over His church i.e. fuck all if one looks at the mess that is the christian church. There will come a day when one of these wives, having been spanked too many times for Jesus, will decide she’s had enough and sue her husband for domestic violence. It’s inexplicable to me as a man to understand why women would permit themselves to be beaten up by their husbands. Your man hits you once and maybe, just maybe, it was involuntary. Shit happens, maybe you forgive him. Maybe. He hits you again, you walk, no questions and he can go to hell.

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