An Omnivore’s Torment

“It is not necessary to ransack the depths of every sea or to load our bellies with the meat of slaughtered creatures or to extract shellfish from unknown shores of the furthest sea”

– Seneca, from “Consolation To Helvia”


Two Fat Cows At Dinner

Two fat cows sitting to dinner. One cow to the other while cutting itself a piece of the hot sweet smelling meal: “You know I’m normally vegan but what a fine dish you’ve served here. Sapiens you said?”. To which the other, licking its lips, replied, “Homo. Homo sapiens. The┬átenderest there is.”


Horse meat or horseshit, we can’t tell anymore!

I really could do with a Byron beef burger right now. Horseburger. Beef, horse, beef, horse, I mean beef burger! Lord knows what is packaged in our food in Britain anymore. The hunt for cheaper and cheaper things but higher and higher profits is driving regard for truth, integrity and quality to hell. It simply isn’t possible for everything to get cheaper while at the same time we all get richer and companies make even more profits. More profits can only arise if people spend more and/or prices rise and people will only spend more if they earn more (or get more in debt) but if prices rise then things are not getting cheaper and if people earn more then profits are constrained. Simple economics; without higher productivity, something has to give. Next we thought we were buying spring water but it was actually purified passed water. Of course, there is no public health risk for afterall it’s full of vitamins ­čÖé