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Victory To Perseus, In Due Course

It never ceases to amaze me how quick religious people are to offend and how quickly they are offended. The first when they damn/stone/hang/fatwah unbelievers (“It’s God’s Word”, “It’s God’s will”) and the second when you call out the falsities of their faith. They tell you “It’s my faith” and they have a right to believe all they want to even if injurious to others. BUT when you as a non-believing truth seeker proclaim your own rights (pro-gay, pro-abortion, pro-tolerance etc) oooh they get all apoplectic. (“What about the foetus!”, “Don’t touch our traditional values!” etc etc). Has anyone told these people that Christianity and Islam were tyrannical impositions that usurped traditional pagan values?

“Oh, but that’s OK because our founders instituted God’s will”

“And how do you know that?”

“It say’s so in the Book”

“Maybe the book is wrong?”

“No way, it is God’s Book”

“But how do you know that?”

“It says so in the Book!”

Oh dear. Yes it’s all a matter of [misplaced] faith. There comes a time when one realises that arguing with religion is like playing with snakes. We, the ones with functioning brains, must act like Perseus against Medusa. Reason and the scientific method will be our adamantine sword to cut off the Gorgon’s head. In due course.

Muhammed Was Anything But Peaceful

I occasionally take pot shots at Christianity as I used to be a mug for it once believing in all the rank nonsense of the Bible. As a layman I have watched with stupefaction the craziness that is Mohammedanism. I haven’t read the Koran or Islamic history yet but from this entry on The Thinking Atheist I can’t wait. Should be so much fun. (And no, I will not be reading Islamic history written by a Muslim. That would be like reading about God from a book written by a US televangelist – full of rank nonsense and lies).

“Muhammad was anything but peaceful during his lifetime. He was a slave-owning, lying, thieving, raping, pillaging, extremely violent warlord who spread Islam by the sword, attacked innocent tribes with zero provocation, beheaded people with his own hand, raped a young woman immediately after he murdered her young husband and father, condoned wife-beating and even commanded it in his cult’s dogma, and had sex with a nine year-old little girl named Aisha when he was in his 50s. Just to name a few “highlights” though there is plenty more.

If there was something rotten, immoral, perverse, evil, or downright stupid a human being could do, Muhammad did it. In any civilized country today his repugnant ass would be in prison where in belonged [sic].”

God’s Own People (GOP)

The morbid and self-pitying wailing coming from Republicans, post the US election, is not only childish but wretched and pathetic. The way it looks, if Republicans win the White House they earn a mandate to make (or repeal) the laws all Americans must follow. But if they lose they want the President-Elect assassinated, individual states to secede and people to buy ammunition in preparation of the coming fight (or defense) of their Amendment Rights. This coterie of ignoramuses can’t see how much they are making, and have over the last four years made, a mockery of “the country we so love” before the rest of the world, tarring the “good name” of America with the filthy muck more associated with despots and failed states. Multiple comments about how America is now finished, that this is the end, that Obama is a communist (!, go figure), America is now for the takers not the makers etc are asinine if not imbecilic.

Let’s look at this another way: Americans are quick to harp on about their military and how their soldiers are around the world fighting for democracy and freedom. (And yes, they fought for freedom, though not democracy, in World War I and II and we are grateful). Fast forward to the 21st Century and let’s assume American soldiers bring democracy to a troubled country and a political party is elected to office. For what will the blood of “our brave men and women” have been shed if the losing party then decides to rend the country? Isn’t the whole point of democracy to engineer a majority rule as the fairest system of governance (or else we will fight each other to perdition) and everyone else falls in line until the next election? Isn’t the opposition then supposed to help debate issues and proposed legislation, intelligently and constructively, rather than being ingrates and obstructionists as the Republicans have been? Crucially, isn’t the opposition supposed to figure out what went wrong at the previous election and then evolve or better educate the public so they (the opposition) stand a better chance of winning at the next? Is this what Republicans are thinking of doing? Oh no, democracy be damned. They plan to dig in their heels and fight the good fight of conservatism!!! Let the country go to pot. It’s no wonder the typical Republican is regarded by the rest of humanity (except possibly by fascists and extremists) as being thick as a log.

The present state of the Republican Party illustrates very clearly why religion is (or at least one of the reasons why it is) such a dangerous master and this applies from America to Iran to Popery. Religion is grounded in and furthered by near-sighted diehards who are intent on and willing to clubber their way to power; imposing their bigoted and appallingly narrow views on all and sundry. Perhaps this should be less of a surprise given that the god of the Christians and the Muslims, and of course the Jews, (assuming he is one and the same) is an inflexible and unyielding tyrant. It’s always His way or hell. At the rate things are going in America, if the Republicans don’t repent of their self-destructive sin, then the world might just be witnessing the beginnings of a slow moving train wreck: civil disobedience, civil war and the implosion of the “greatest country the world has ever seen”. So in the end, it won’t be China that brings down America but God through the GOP. How tragic. And the experiment that began with such lofty ideals in 1776 would be smashed by the crazy mis-illusions of God’s Own People.

When God Shows Up

If one starts with the belief that the Bible is the word of God, it’s easy to go astray. The Bible is the sole source of it’s own veracity. Just like the Koran. That should make any thinking person nervous.

The Bible and the Koran were written by men. By forceful and driven men who want you to follow their teachings and crucially, their leadership. Of course they are going to tell you that their written word is the truth, the only truth and that you’re damned if you don’t follow them. One religion glories in sinners being sent to hell, the other glories in blowing infidels up. The use of fear and violence is an ancient tactic to cow the uncommitted.

When one’s truth comes from only one place, one opens up to being brainwashed and deceived. The fact that one believes so genuinely, so lovingly, so strongly has absolutely nothing to do with whether a “holy” book is truth. Or whether God is out there or in here. Believing that Jesus will return tomorrow or soon or that Allah has seven virgins waiting for one in paradise or that “I can’t believe there’s nothing else to life” is not the same thing as any of those fantasies is true. One can believe in Ptolemaic astronomy as much as one likes but the earth goes around the sun.

Believers are not the only ones to “truly” believe in falsities. It happens all the time to all peoples. That’s why thinkers do not accept unverifiable faith. If God exists, he needs to show up. Atheists will believe when God shows up. But he won’t, because he doesn’t exist.