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The More We Try The Worse We Become

Is there anything we humans can get right?

While Catholics fret over a new Fuhrer (sorry, Pope)
and North Korea’s new ass-dictator plays schoolboy games with nuclear weapons
and American Republicans filibuster everything under the sun
and hip-hop rappers front about how they roll and how much paper money they are making
and Islamists burn flags and effigies and dream about virgins in heaven
and authorities imprison petty thieves then bail out financial crooks
and the English obsesses over Wayne Rooney and the cost of nannies
and …. oh what the hell … the rest of the insanities of the human condition

Meanwhile we destroy the only home we have and (probably) will ever have. Planet Earth.
We are insane and that’s official.
But what can I do? What will I do?

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Culture, Musings

But I Love Lamb And Redcurrant Jelly!

When you and I, for instance, realize how many innocent beasts have had to suffer in cattle-cars and slaughter-pens and lay down their lives that we might grow up, all fattened and clad, to sit together here in comfort … it does, indeed, put our relation to the universe in a more solemn light.

– William James


The Greener Me

So my energy bill is going up. I received the letter today from Southern Electric informing me that, as they already paid high prices for energy so as to guarantee my winter supply, my bill is going up. Isn’t it ironic that one reads about this kind of event in the paper happening to someone else and you think: “That’s probably a good thing, those folks will learn to use energy more efficiently”? Now it’s happening to me, all I can think of is the larger overdraft I’m going to have when the bills get paid and the roly-poly oligarch from Russia rubbing his hands with glee as he orders another Lamborghini with my money. And all this just before the onset of winter. Drat!