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Justine Sacco & Phil Robertson

The latest “freedom of speech” battleground is the Duck Dynasty / Phil Robertson and Justine Sacco brouhaha. Should people be allowed to say whatever it is they want?

There’s a good reason why rhetoric was a key discipline in ancient Rome. Talk of “freedom of speech” and “rights” always come down to where we set boundaries since no society permits “absolutes”: freedom of speech or “rights”. If the Prime Minister of Britain calls all Scots “dogs” and that’s his personal view can we prove that would get in the way of his job? But most sensible people would find it unwise and unacceptable. Yet no doubt some folks will say something akin to this in private. But who cares about their private party views.

The reason why we fret so much about what people say in public is the naivety and gullibility of a large class of people to run with not just “offensive” but “dangerous” views. If views are merely “offensive” then people should get a life. But when views are dangerous then they inspire a large number of people to justify actions that are incompatible with social progress: equal rights and considerations for women, LGBT, ethnic minorities etc. [Cases in point: Russia’s hardening conservatism; Africa/Caribbean where people are emboldened to call for gay lynchings; here in the West where some think women who are raped must have been asking for it).

If the overwhelming populace were rational and sensible and not easily corrupted then yes, “freedom of speech” to everyone to say whatever they want, knowing fully well that the ill effects will be close to zero. Unfortunately we don’t live in that world. l agree with some people that one might expect a redneck to say the most outrageous things about blacks and gays. But then again last night I watched for the first time Paul Mooney an American black comedian who thinks Jesus was black. Some of what he said about white people was uncomfortable (even offensive?) and true. Some of what he said was offensive and complete bull. There were people in the audience nodding as if he was a prophet. But how many people listen to him? If he was the president of a country or a very prominent figure with the ability to influence a large number of people: whoa! I would think the man should be called to account.

The case of Justine Sacco. If she holds these views (and especially as a white person born in South Africa) is she likely to employ black people of any distinction in any job better than a servile one? That surely will get in the way of her working effectively for an “equal opportunities” employer.


Bruno Mars’ Ghost Treasure

Bruno Mars chanelling MJ 🙂
I remember when this editing style was state of the art for music videos – (yeah, around 30 years ago). Kool and the Gang had a whole stream of videos that did the ghosting technique to death. You don’t believe me? Check out the video below. Ha ha!!!

Fendi Turned Down My Leather Jogging Pants!

Hilarious. Is Kanye West off the charts mental? “Biggest rock star in the world?” I am getting older (also known as rusty) and somewhat disconnected from youth culture but how did I miss that rap has now become rock? Listening to Kanye I can’t help but think that like many before him his commercial success has gone not just to his head but way above into the stratosphere and so far up where there’s no oxygen. Without oxygen to the brain we become delirious. And the very idea that Fendi is supposed to take his designs! Why? Because he’s black? My advice to Kanye (ok, not like he gives two cents) is that if he, really, is that good he should give two thumbs to the entire “white” fashion establishment and set up his own fashion label and store and sell his leather jogging pants direct to the public. I can think of nothing more hip than narcissistic celebrities in sweltering LA collapsing from hyperthermia while jogging in KW designer leather pants. That would be so cool.

Some people need a good dose of reality and basic rational thinking. I’m thinking, Kanye?

Why Sharon Osbourne Is A C**t

Sharon Osbourne the hag on Justin Bieber: “There’s this little kid with a huge dream, he’s cute, girls love him. He wants to be a mean boy, and he’s about as mean as a f-ckin’ kitten, and he’s trying to act out. It’s like pissing in a bucket. It’s like, “Oh, we’re the bad boys!” And I think that he’s lost, I really do. I think he doesn’t realize he’s white and not black, that’s a huge problem.”

WHAT? It’s our fault that Justin Bieber is a prick? You fuckin’ cunt.

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 10.55.54

His Lordship And Milady: An Email Conversation

“Drinks, Milady?”

“Would you like to crash a leaving do with me? A trainee has drinks tonight. Let me know Milord.”

“At your service Milady. The gentleman will have to rush first to his bankers to secure funds for the enterprise.”

“One would have thought his Lordship would have a person who performs such menial tasks. I am mixing with the wrong crowd. See you in reception at 17h20?”

“His Lordship is reassured that he isn’t a crowd or part of one. If Milady wishes to mix with the rabble then such frivolities can be excused. With regard to his Lordship’s pecuniary affairs, he, as a man of the utmost refined sensibilities, chooses to conduct such matters in person. As Milady knows, only Her Majesty retains a retinue of menials these days as befitting one so high born. The rest of the court must adapt to and embrace modernity, including preposterous contraptions such as ATMs.”

“Buzz off! You truly are full of s***!!”

A while later.

“I suppose it’s drinks then. My carriage shall arrive at 17:20. Please be prompt.”

“If his Lordship can stoop so low as to crash a leaving drink, then 17h20 it is.”

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Prayer Logic


From Facebook/The Proud Atheist

Jayy von Monroe: Sweet Boy Candy

jayyvonmonroepinterest3I’m young enough to be technology savvy but the pace at which social media is evolving is leaving me whiplashed. First, there used to be Myspace. Then there was LinkedIn and then followed Facebook. Recently I stumbled upon Flickr and soon after Tumblr. I’ve been told there is now Instagram and this morning I came across Pinterest. Whoa! How many picture sharing sites can we possibly need? I spent some time exploring Pinterest and came across this boy from the band Blood On The Dance Floor. The songs on Youtube let’s just say are not to my taste but Jayy von Monroe? Well, he is a feast for the eyes now isn’t he?