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In Cold Fear

Now reading Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood”. Every time I hear a sound I turn. Every shadow is suspicious. Every voice an alarm. The windows  have been double checked. When I came home this evening in the house I share and found the back door open ….

So Hurricane Sandy came and death toll: forty, last I heard. These people were alive, bouncing around just Tuesday last week. Maybe worrying about keeping a job, or affording the next Christmas’ presents, or delighting a new love interest, or …..

There will be more storms, earthquakes, plane crashes, senseless killings und so weiter. Life is precious. Live it. Death, unpredictable. Accept it. And fear? Irrational. Face it down with courage but no need to be stupid. Check those doors are locked!



Man (also homo sapiens): arguably the most intelligent of nature’s creations; unarguably the most tortured: Good, Evil, Crime, Punishment, Justice, Equality, Freedom, Responsibility, Death. Man is tethered to anguish, its boundary, without definition; its depth, without fathom; its end, doubtful.


If Love Was A Blade

If love was a blade, I’d
sharpen it each morning from tip to edge to heel
grip it firm by the handle and thrust my heart with zeal
whet it at high noon for my deadly crime is best concealed
sheath it at midnight by moonlight and hide it behind a stele