alea iacta esto

Why The Vatican May Have To Change Its Pasta Brand


“For us the concept of the sacred family remains one of the basic values of the company,” so said Guido Barilla, chairman of Italian pasta maker Barilla in a radio interview. “I would not [feature gay families in advertisements], but not out of a lack of respect for homosexuals who have the right to do what they want without bothering others… [but] I don’t see things like they do and I think the family that we speak to is a classic family.”

And if gay consumers don’t like it? “Eat another brand of pasta,” he said.

Ha! Not sure if he felt so strongly about homosexuals that he just had to blurt this out on national radio or if he was somehow led into this shocking pronouncement. You would think that as chairman of the world’s “largest pasta maker” he’d have more tact. After all, I bet his pasta is the besta in the Vatican. Or should that “is the best” be past-a tense.


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