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Burning Down The House Of America

Jesus would be so proud. It was he who wrecked the temple full of Republican (oops, Pharisee) hypocrites who then had him arrested and crucified. Religious nutters: time moves on but they never change.

“Republicans should refuse to raise the white flag and insist on an honorable avenue of retreat,” Buchanan wrote. “And if Harry Reid’s Senate demands the GOP end the sequester on federal spending, or be blamed for a debt default, the party should, Samson-like, bring down the roof of the temple on everybody’s head. This is an honorable battle lost, not a war.” – Pat Buchanan

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Burn down the House of America because we are mad at y’all! It’s a crazy proposition isn’t it? There may be a time when one could (or should) choose death over surrender or slavery and history sure has some stunning examples. In truth most of us will never be brave  enough to make that ‘death’ choice; rah, rah we all think we will be if the time should ever come but people babble differently when faced with a gun to the temple, a ride in a car with the mafia or a trip to the gulag.

Democracy was supposed to avoid this kind of painful decision being made by factions within a country; in theory. In theory, everyone gets represented in the decision making process and everyone agrees to go along with the laws enacted by the majority under the assumption that everyone’s rights as citizens and as people will always be protected and respected e.g. the majority cannot pass a law to exterminate the minority; they can but it would be foolish of them to expect the minority to comply willingly.

By common consent what has just happened in America over the debt ceiling is bat-shit crazy. A minority faction wants the whole country to go up in flames because the majority have elected to provide basic healthcare for the poorest citizens. Is this all it takes to be suicidal? This episode demonstrates how people who are ideologically inflexible lose all sense of proportion and in this case all reason. I’m now waiting for the first Republican to set himself afire because he can’t bear the socialism of ObamaCare in America. That would be brave indeed and I guarantee he will also be a right ol’ dunce.


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