alea iacta esto

His Lordship And Milady: An Email Conversation

“Drinks, Milady?”

“Would you like to crash a leaving do with me? A trainee has drinks tonight. Let me know Milord.”

“At your service Milady. The gentleman will have to rush first to his bankers to secure funds for the enterprise.”

“One would have thought his Lordship would have a person who performs such menial tasks. I am mixing with the wrong crowd. See you in reception at 17h20?”

“His Lordship is reassured that he isn’t a crowd or part of one. If Milady wishes to mix with the rabble then such frivolities can be excused. With regard to his Lordship’s pecuniary affairs, he, as a man of the utmost refined sensibilities, chooses to conduct such matters in person. As Milady knows, only Her Majesty retains a retinue of menials these days as befitting one so high born. The rest of the court must adapt to and embrace modernity, including preposterous contraptions such as ATMs.”

“Buzz off! You truly are full of s***!!”

A while later.

“I suppose it’s drinks then. My carriage shall arrive at 17:20. Please be prompt.”

“If his Lordship can stoop so low as to crash a leaving drink, then 17h20 it is.”

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