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On Being The U.S’ Wingman. We Don’t Care.

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A very silly point of view. Britain is supposed to run after the Americans doing whatever it is they want when they want however we may feel and regardless of our doubts?

If we don’t:
“Britain, however, has degraded its position and credibility … While France is reasserting its claim to be a global power”.

What the British parliament did was in sync with what the British public want. The public may not always be right but it is folly to ignore them altogether. It’s their money that will be spent fighting wars, it’s their children/uncles/fathers who will be sent to war zones, it’s their cities that could be terrorised by bombers etc. Prestige of working alongside the U.S should never take precedence over first coming to an agreement that this is what must be done. Maybe the Prime Minister should have spent more time on propaganda before going to the MPs but I think in the end the decision not to back a Syrian attack at this point was the correct one. It may well not be the correct one when the full facts are in. We remember Iraq. France doesn’t because it wasn’t there. France was in Libya and Mali. But those countries are not Iraq and Syria and are not in the Middle East.

Good luck to France being the wingman who jumps when the U.S barks.


2 responses

  1. I think this is one war we should have gone into. Iraq was a mistake, a deliberate one at that. But whats happening in Syria is equally as horrendous.
    We never fight wars for justice, only if there’s an end result i.e. if there are things we can pilfer.

    Everyone knows America is at this not for humanitarian reasons but for strategic Iranian reasons.

    August 31, 2013 at 11:48 am

    • d3mola

      Thanks for your comments. ” .. we should have gone into” is a bit strong for me for it implies we should have been there at the start before there were any atrocities … that’s like saying if we fancy regime change let’s start a war. If we don’t like Putin should we start a war alongside anti-Putin rebels? I think not.

      I don’t think the West has successfully, by force, implemented regime change that was for the better anywhere in the world with WWII being the obvious exception. We go in with all sorts of conflicted objectives and end up backing rebels that have dubious human rights credentials. The CIA’s record on this is notorious.

      As a human being I think there’s a time when conscience compels one to intervene when one can. The questions are (i) where is the line that needs to be crossed – we can assume chemical/nuclear weapons or a certain number of people dead. 100K dead in this conflict qualifies I think (ii) who defines that line (iii) are we sure the line has been crossed [let’s wait for the UN inspectors work] and (iv) what are our objectives and what happens post-strike?

      We have no clear objective yet as far as we have been told sans bomb a few places here and there. We have no plan if our bombing just escalates the issue and more chemical weapons are used. We have no plans (or money or will) to put men and tanks on the ground (more Western soldiers on Muslim soil? That will go down well. Unfortunately the Muslims won’t clean up their mess but they always feel free to criticise the West whether the West tries to or not). Finally, we have no credible ‘better’ opposition to replace the current regime.

      I think the maxim that one plans to fail when one fails to plan applies strongly here. We should proceed with intent not in a knee-jerk reaction. I’ll be happy to support a UK involvement when we know why we are going in and a good idea of the cost and how we will help to clean up the mess that will very certainly result. Let’s not forget if we effect regime change there will be scores to settle. How will we react when ‘our’ friendly rebels start their own massacres?

      August 31, 2013 at 12:21 pm

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