alea iacta esto

Trayvon Martin

Distressing is not even the word. In a society where people are sent to prison just for possession of a weed, a man can shoot another man on the mere basis of feeling threatened and be declared innocent. I do not believe any of the six-woman jury would have thought this a fair acquittal if it had been their own child who had been murdered under the same circumstances. And I do not believe it would have ended this way if the skin colours of the accused and victim had been reversed. And while my beliefs are neither here nor there in the grand scheme of things these kinds of blatant miscarriages of justice poison society – especially if you’re black. Any white male can put a bullet in your head and claim he felt threatened with you being around. What next now? Straight men who object to their rumps being looked at shooting gay men? Extreme projection but it seems in America, anything goes.

PS. Talking about the idiocy of the laws in America especially regarding marijuana did you know the average sentence for murder is said to be 6 years but in several American states you can get life for a marijuana offence? Read on here and here. I don’t smoke the stuff myself but these sentences are irrational and one suspects the by-product of the extreme positions Americans seem to take on almost everything.

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