alea iacta esto

Legalising Abortion

When is a foetus a person? The capricious gods of yore left us no useful clues while they strung us along in this joke they called Life. Matters become fractious when real people (as opposed to imaginary sky fairies) try to solve real problems on planet Earth:  what shall we do with a woman who’s been raped by a man and who doesn’t want conception but is forbidden to put away the “potential” baby by the selfsame gender of homo sapiens that raped her?

Some communities and especially the established religions demand the woman keep the baby (peremptorily declared God’s will) but decline to make any contribution to its raising or upkeep. God forbid they have to spend a single ducat not on temples, robes and private jets. Sometimes they advocate prayer: the act of raising one’s hands to the sky and wishing on a bone; surely the most monumental waste of time and energy since the first molecules began to coalesce into intelligent combinations. The conservative male hegemony is upset at any prospect of an abortion because God would be upset.This is a God none of them has seen, met or know beyond reasonable doubt exists.

Back to the foetus: is a foetus a person? And should we care?


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