3 thoughts on “An Omnivore’s Torment

    1. Hi Domica. I completely agree with the sentiment the quote expresses. The more I learn about nature, evolution and bio diversity, the more I am saddened and angered about how we homo sapiens have wittingly decided to destroy as much other life on this planet as we can: for food, for sport and for profit. This is the only living planet that we know and it is unforgivably irresponsible to set out to ruin it (polluted seas, denuded soils, destroyed vegetation/forests, air pollution etc etc). Marvin Gaye sings it movingly in “Mercy Mercy Me”. I’m informed that the average fishing trawler throws 80-90% of its catch overboard, dead or dying, because this is “by-catch” i.e. unintended. For instance, over 100 fish species including dolphins and whales are regularly decimated when we go tuna fishing. I heartily recommend Jonathan Safran Foer’s book “Eating Animals”.

      I still eat meat and fish and am still wrestling with how to come to terms with that. I try to eat organic and free range and from responsibly farmed sources but maybe I should also eat less of animals. Or not at all. I know animals eat each other and we are just highly evolved animals but with 7 billion of us now on the planet we are like the virus that ends up killing itself by killing its host. Maybe there’s hope for whatever survives us but they are running out of time. It took 4 billion years for us to get here and scientists tell us the sun will run out of hydrogen in another 5 billion years. It won’t matter then.

      1. It complicated, isn’t it? If only we were oblivious like so many: walking around the grocery store thinking that the food was magically put on the shelves by sweet elves from an organic farm, where animals are spoiled rotten before giving up their lives willingly… (I’ve given this a lot of thought, hence the run-on sentence). Ignorance is bliss, yes? And self-education ~though painstaking~ truly is an omnivore’s torment.

        It’s a difficult balance, this walk we take saving our planet and filling our bellies in one swift motion. I admire your conviction, your candor, and the time that you’ve taken to answer me fully. Thank you. I think I understand you much better now.

        Cheers, Friend

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