alea iacta esto

Ah, Spring … We’ve Been Expecting

Ah, Spring
We’ve been expecting you

Longer suns, shorter moons
Warm dawns, cold monsoons
Long walks, short tempers
Hot Jocks, iced Vanillas

Tank tops, muffin tops, flip flops
Struts and poise, fresh faced boys
Lasses in season, cute belly button
Blushing mothers, incensed Papas
[“You’re not going out in THAT!”]


Old lovers bashful no longer
Car park roving, night time dogging
Primal, tribal, anonymous, perfidious
Pensive, restive
Icky, sticky, licky, messy

[It’s here! ‘Tis the season for ….]
Relatives! Banns! The Expense!
Wedding bells, giddy spells
Telling kisses, fretful Missus
Relatives! Cause such Offence!

Seaside reveries, holiday miseries
Wasp blue loafers
Pool tanned shoulders
Lens, rucksack, cameras
Theft! Damn foreigners

New books, unread tomes
Unrequited looks, forgotten names
Fickle friends, fecund thoughts
Fecal thoughts, Flickr friends

Parades, charades, sunshades, lemonades
Babbles, revels, prattles, drivels

Ah, Spring
We’ve been expecting you


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