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Boston Terror Coulda Woulda Shoulda

The capture of the second Boston bombing suspect marks an end(?) to a harrowing week for Boston. One must commend the superb effort by U.S authorities, the restraint of the American public (except for the occasional rightwing nutter) and the non-apocalyptic response of the U.S government. Now to find out if others were behind these misguided, delusional and cowardly young men.

Now I would think that:

  • those brave enough to drop bombs in non-hostile crowds should be brave enough to stand up to the law and to stoutly defend their actions and not flee like cowardly chickens.
  • those smart and resourceful enough to research and build homemade bombs should also be smart and resourceful enough to figure out peaceful and progressive activities to advance whatever struggles they cleave to. I believe that violent struggles can be justified in situations where dissent is not permitted or where political, social and economic freedoms are forbidden e.g. the founding of the American state against the express wishes of Britain (look how that turned out) or India against the British (Ghandhi had a different opinion and look how that turned out) or despotic states (Islamic, Stalinist, fascist, China etc etc). There is no justifiable use of violence in modern western democracies, flawed as they are. Blog, lobby, protest, speak out, finance political campaigns, vote .. but killing people? Achieves zero.
  • those literate enough to read should source knowledge beyond narrowly defined causes: political or religious. Without perspective one easily drifts, unawares, into the realm of delusions and into the clutches of the more Machiavellian.

These boys were 19 and 20; where were the appropriate role models and parents and family support? This won’t stop every teenager from turning into a misguided and delusional renegade but as a supermarket ad byline says “Every little helps”. These boys could have been engineers, political scientists, sport athletes, entrepreneurs. They should have been political activists if that’s what they wanted. They would have been more constructive and influential with the appropriate guidance from wiser heads. Unfortunately, as we all know in our personal lives, nothing is ever achieved by coulda shoulda woulda.

Tsarnaev Screen shot 2013-04-20 at 07.45.36


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