alea iacta esto

Bad Science

I can’t recommend these two books enough. In Bad Science, Ben Goldacre takes us through shocking scientific frauds from homeopathy to health nonsense taught in British schools to the vitamin pill scam. In Bad Pharma, he exposes the corruption and lies at the heart of modern medicine. Note that Goldacre is a doctor and he does believe in the practice of medicine but one that is based on proper, truthful and open scientific knowledge; not on the biased and fraudulent practices of pharmaceutical companies with the connivance of regulators and the medical Establishment. If you want your faith in your doctor, in drugs marketing and in journal research shaken and stirred, then you gotta read this book.

badindex badimg032

Important disclosure: I have no conflicted interest nor do I know or have met Ben Goldacre and I am not a conspiracy theorist.


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