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To Aspirin Or Not, That Is The Question

In today’s eye-grabbing headline in the Daily Express, new “research” by “academics” and “scientists” at X “university” found a 22% reduction in the incidence of head and neck cancer for people who used the “wonderdrug” aspirin. Doing a bit of web-digging I’ve since learnt that the Daily Express and the Daily Mail (both rogue-ish and bigoted rags favoured by conservatives in Britain) excel in pushing cancer cure stories like the Catholic Church used to push indulgences. Cancer is a serious illness and it’s hard to find anything more attention grabbing in peacetime Britain except maybe European Union bureaucrats (the French! and the Krauts!) and migrants (whether white e.g. Romanians or off-white).

I sure hope that the lower middle class readers of these trashies will think twice before popping to the pharmacy. First, the evidence is contradictory; indicatively effective for some kinds of cancer but contributory for other kinds. How do you know which type of cancer you’re going to get assuming you will get it? In addition are the well known risks of aspirin. Somehow I don’t think this will dampen sales of the medicine tomorrow. Aspirin manufacturers will sleep pretty tonight.

  1. Weekly/monthly use of aspirin could prevent head/neck cancer
  2. Daily aspirin use could lower risk of skin cancer
  3. Aspirin use cuts risk of death from colon cancer
  4. Daily aspirin use could cut incidence of breast cancer
  5. Daily aspirin use might increase the risk of pancreatic cancer
  6. Daily aspirin use could increase age-related blindness
  7. Regular aspirin use linked to heart attacks and stroke
  8. Aspirin and like-drugs are 15th most common cause of death in America

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