alea iacta esto

Christians Against Marriage Equality

Three of the arguments used by christians against marriage equality are:

(1) It will lead to bestial marriages. Let’s just say this is a crazy notion and very unlikely. Marriage is between consenting (human) adults. It’s unclear how one is going to get a cat or a donkey or a dolphin to consent to spending its life in a romantic relationship with a human being.

(2) It will lead to polygamy. My answer is: “And?”. Polygamy was legal in and practised by many societies before christianity came along. Let’s not forget two of christians’ favourite biblical characters, Kings David and Solomon, both had several wives/concubines. There is nowhere in the Bible where God complains about this. God was not even critical of Abraham sleeping with his maidservant even though he was past eighty and already had a wife!

(3) It will lead to the end of the world. I thought that was what all christians were praying for!! Aren’t they fed up with this world already?


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