alea iacta esto

I Love Cinema

I love cinema and perhaps the most magical aspect of film, for me particularly, is how movies can transport one from a present prosaic reality to a new  construct (ala “The Matrix”); a different world, an unfamiliar illusion, a distorted and extravagant view of the human condition unlike the one one has just stepped out from. A film can take your soul, your mind, your moral compass on a journey down a road less travelled. Sometimes I return from my voyage elated, sometimes in tears, sometimes confused. sometimes invigorated, sometimes informed and sometimes in consternation at the beauty or the horror of existence. Sometimes I’m just happy to have been gone and other times I’m just relieved to be back. You never know! In the last four days I have lived in Austria with a misanthropic family (Michael Haneke’s “The Seventh Continent”), partied with misogynistic teenagers in 1960’s Paris (Eric Rohmer’s “Moral Tales”) and suffered from the hypocrisy of prudes in Sweden’s countryside (Ingmar Bergman’s “It Rains On Our Love”). Each time I have exited a surreal dream to find myself back in a London flat at the tail end of winter with  a temperature around freezing point but feeling more like minus four degrees centigrade. The magic of cinema!


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