alea iacta esto

A Very Nigerian Miracle

A FaceBook friend of mine (says a lot right there doesn’t it) put up the following:
A very poor and unemployed man is encouraged by his wife to go visit one “big chief” who might be able to help. To his surprise he gets a job and three months later he is very rich with mansions and cars. He subsequently finds out that his wife had slept with the big chief prior to his getting the job. Posed question: if she was your wife would you forgive her?

There were over 6000 comments but all of the twenty or thirty that I read were of the “of course I’d forgive her” or “she is a good wife” variety. What I found quite distressing was that no one thought it odd that a salary man should go from being very poor to owning mansions and cars in a mere three months. But then again this was Nigeria; a land where God works miracles.

It is precisely this kind of outlook and unrealistic expectation (and the conservatism, religiosity, homophobia and a few dozen other ills) that bedevil any chance that I return to Nigeria to live as my parents would no doubt like. My sister often says that if I returned I probably would be unemployable because I wouldn’t allow people to “chop” (euphemism for dipping one’s hand in the till). I’d be sacked. A society predicated on God’s miracles (or the devil’s thievery) to bring to pass get-rich-quick wonders is a community of monumental corruption. They would drive me nuts so I think I’ll stay right here where I am.


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