alea iacta esto

Let’s Sleep

“Quick, better to live or die, once and for all, than die by inches, slowly crushed to death”
– the mighty Ajax from Homer’s Iliad

So the week came and threw mud in my face
Well, mud gives way to water and I washed my face with relish

And the week came and flung banana skins in my path
Well, my feet are shod with springs and I bounded over the yellow peril

Yet the week prevailed slinging office politics at my patience
Well, Good Sense is wiser than Retort, and Resolve mightier than Surrender

Now the week ends here and sly as a fox it slips out at midnight
Well, I too at midnight will settle my spirit in Sleep’s sweet embrace

But, shall I go out first, amidst the noise, amongst the boys,
Partake of nighttime revels and the naughty melee
Nah. Let’s sleep.


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