alea iacta esto


So if the enemy of my enemy is my friend
How to describe the friend of my friend?

The lover of my lover? That’s easy, he is a scoundrel, kill him!
But the killer of my killer? Shall he not be a friend also?

If I murder myself, stain these hands with my blood
And commit this crime in anger for blasphemies
Shall I be purged in purgatory
Or shall my soul rest in Heaven’s bosom?

Shall I steal bread to feed a hungry thief?
But if he steals what’s mine to feed his famished dog
Surely, a curse on his head for ever more!

Can I hate my life and love my foe
Or hate my toe and love my wife
For if I can be friend to the Far and a scourge to the Near
I shall find a delightful home in Absurdities


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