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My Ladybug

Insects freak me out. It’s the way they flip, flit, flap and frat about I find bothersome but ever since I was a kid I’ve had a special thing for ladybugs. They look like chocolate smarties and, likewise, look good enough to munch although I haven’t been tempted to try. I think the reason ladybugs are cool with me (and dare I say I with them) is that as I watched other people play with them I discovered they were cheerful little buggers and I got to like them also because, unlike ants or termites, they were so harmless (I think).

Somehow, this evening, a ladybug got into my apartment. At first I was minded to ignore it and then brainwave: “I can photograph it in Macro mode ala National Geographic!”. My mind held a delightful picture spectacular, ah voila! Then it was gone, the ladybug. A couple of minutes later it was crawling amiably across my MacBook monitor. I bolted to get the camera and then fumbled to slot in the SD card and .. and … where’s the Macro dial and … and … what exposure should I use and what’s the best angle and … and … and it was gone again. Two minutes later it on my glass table, aha, this time I was ready. One thing I should tell you is that I can sometimes be the bad workman who blames his tools (my boyfriend would say my technique sucks) but I swear my camera wouldn’t focus. I only saw a brown blur where there should have been polka dots.

So I let it go and it crawled underneath my book. When I next lifted the book it was gone. Only it wasn’t as I found it later wedged between the pages and as I had mishandled the book (as far as the ladybug was concerned) I must have hurt it some because it was moving around with difficulty. Poor thing. The last time I saw it it was still trying to fly. Oh no (oh yes), there it is again shuffling across my keyboard as I write this and, clearly, no one’s warned it not to mess around with computers. We humans are apt to shutting keyboards down at the most inopportune times for ladybugs.

I’m sorry I don’t have a beautiful ladybug photo to share but I do have this slice of Piccadilly Circus dotted with colour.



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