alea iacta esto

Catholicism’s Gangnam Style

It’s stupendous how much red bull people would imbibe and digest just to hang on to a lie. Take Catholics – their whole belief system from start to finish is a lie and a fraud. It’s not just that men who like touching up other men (or boys) while condemning men who touch up other men (or boys) is hypocritical – it’s that the whole edifice of Mother of God idol worship and dishonest Infallible Papacies is complete horseshit. Yet even educated Catholics who one would have hoped should know better will, with each dishonourable news from the Holy See, wrap themselves ever tighter in carte blanche devoutness; hanging on and on to the dirty, discredited and tattered robes of the Church.

Why for Christ’s sake do they carry on believing? They just “know” that there is God and He expresses Himself through St Peter and the Pope. How do they know this? Ah, a mystery. Someday, the false and fabricated edifice of religion (at least as we now understand it) must shatter into a black hole of everlasting nothingness. There must come a time when the scales come off and we realise how foolish we have been (I mean who really believes today there is a Zeus living on Mount Olympus) and that humans must face reality as it is not as our mythical and mystified forebears preordained it.


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