If You’re A Dream

If you’re a Dream I am a dreamer
You’re magic and I the Magician
Romeo had Juliet I have Violet
Eyes that blush in Shadowland
Bittersweet,  Vulcan’s beating
Lust forged in Mar’s blistering heat
In/Out pressure, the Sound of pleasure
If you’re a dream I am a Dreamer

2 thoughts on “If You’re A Dream

  1. This makes me ask questions like whether dreams and magic are controlled by dreamers and magicians or if it’s the other way around, or if they work in harmony, which of course would be the best answer.

    1. Following on from your question: how to explain those dreams in which one knows one is dreaming and that one could influence the outcomes of the dreams? And then there are those in which you wake up with your heart pounding just as the monster is about to touch you with his evil hand!

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