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But I Love Lamb And Redcurrant Jelly!

When you and I, for instance, realize how many innocent beasts have had to suffer in cattle-cars and slaughter-pens and lay down their lives that we might grow up, all fattened and clad, to sit together here in comfort … it does, indeed, put our relation to the universe in a more solemn light.

– William James

5 thoughts on “But I Love Lamb And Redcurrant Jelly!

  1. I like meat too. So I buy locally where there is a tiny bit better chance the animals will lead happy lives grazing the land for awhile before they are humanely slaughtered…

    1. I buy organic whenever I can even though it costs much more which is ok since nothing in life that is worthwhile is free (not counting oxygen and smiles). What shames me is learning how much and how long it takes to feed an animal which when slaughtered I consume in less than an hour …. hopefully with reverence and appreciation.

      1. πŸ™‚ Imagine we spend an eternity dreaming of alien intelligence and then we meet them only to discover to their pleasure that they enjoy the taste of human meat.

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