alea iacta esto

The Miser

“He nips the bellies of his slaves with less than the minimum rations;
and he himself goes hungry, for he cannot bear to finish
all the lumps of musty bread that are blue with mould.
Even in mid-September he makes a practice of keeping
a portion of mince from the previous day;
in summer he preserves some beans for tomorrow’s dinner.

The miser is certainly praised for being an upright man
because he’s thrifty and watches over his own possessions with closer attention
than dragons would apply if given the same task.
There is also the fact that the public regards the miser as outstandingly clever
at making money; for with him fortunes increase. By fair means or foul.

Isn’t it utter folly, isn’t it utter madness
To live like a beggar in order to die a millionaire.”

Juvenal, The Satires No.14
As translated by Niall Rudd


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