alea iacta esto

Smart Ass, Dumb Ass

It’s clear then that there are three kinds of people in the world. Smart asses: they really get it, really fast; can spot life’s lacunae and opportunities in split seconds; have read The Fountainhead; boastful and deluded heroes; leap into frays without cause causing wars, smashing obstacles, stepping over people, making money, grabbing power and feeling really smug about it. Next up are Dumb asses: they don’t get it except “it” fits on their prix fixe menu of preconceptions and prejudices; read nothing; always banging on about tradition; the “I am what I am and bricks and stones can’t shift me” sort and really smug about it. Finally there are Us people: the ones whose brains objectively ping-pong conflicting ideas and decisions between outcomes and consequences for what seems like eternity. By the time Us people have taken their best courses of action the Smart people have already moved leaving Us people to clean up the mess. And that, people, makes me mad.


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