alea iacta esto

Dead As A Dodo For 2000 Years

Christians are a funny and mad bunch, especially the born-again variety. Two thousand years in “spiritual warfare” against the devil with the ALMIGHTY God on their side and they still can’t win the war. When are they going to make peace and call a truce with the devil?

I have begun to suspect that Christians in fact do like their devil, he (or the idea) is a handy scapegoat for all the shit that happens to them (just as much as happens to us) and a perfect foil behind which to attack. No, not attack the devil but attack us! All a christian can do to the devil is shout “I cast you out in the name of Jesus”. Big deal, if it could work it would have. We on the other hand are prime targets because we sin and refuse to repent and unabashedly glory in our abominable practices. For these surely we must pay. And we would if the superstitions were true.

Stop! You still can repent. Me? Yes, “Jesus loves you”. Really? How, when he’s been dead two thousand years?


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