No Static At All

I’m scheduled to give a presentation to my colleagues tomorrow. Right now I feel fine about the prospect but if experience is anything to go by then I fully expect nerves to kick in at around one hour before the presentation is to start. Everyday, I sit around the desk with these people and yet when I’m before them, publicly so to speak, my heart races, there’s static in my flow and I lose the thread when the doubting Thomases start firing questions even before I’m done talking.

But why does it matter that my presentation goes well where “goes well” is interpreted strictly as others swallowing my story whole? Is it because the world expects me to be able to sell sand to the desert dweller? Aren’t the shelves in our bookshops lined with self-help books that promise to turn any man into the supreme salesman? Don’t I want to be a “winner”? I admit that being called a loser is not an attractive prospect.

Now being a highly educated and intelligent man, I think I can recognise easily when I’m being sold ice in the middle of a snow storm! Why do i think others are too blind to see likewise? Anyway, what will I do with the divine power to convince without fail? Oh yes, become successful, get rich, have sex with anyone (everyone) I want, be famous and if time permits do some good in the world. I would be truly happy. But isn’t this just foolishness? I can’t control what another person believes. That’s their affair. Nature did not give me the power to convince people at my will and if I get upset and suffer because others won’t come round to my point of view then that’s my affair.

I need another approach for tomorrow. I should stick entirely to what is within my power and ability: what I say and how I say it. That I can do with utmost confidence. As to how my colleagues respond or process that information, that is entirely within their domain and outside mine.

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