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Flat Stomachs: The Art & Flab Of It

Many would kill if they could get away with one kind of murder. There’s probably not a man who’s ever breathed who did not pine for a Greek body. Powerful arms to lift away objects of desire. Broad pecs to celebrate taut nipples. Strong legs to win at games and pin down writhing lovers. Flat stomachs to …. Exactly my point, to do what? Still, the flat stomach is the terminus for modern homo masculi. Make no mistake about it and entertain no doubt: if we could get away with murder that guarantees a six-pack, many would commit the crime. If there was a brew to turn stomach fat to punch bag, many would drown in the potion.

Muffin tops and love handles can be real downers. You work out and your arms and chest definition are winning admiring glances, but as soon as you bend over, your belly hangs. Not good. Let me pose a question: if you possess something that is really precious to you and you want to hide it securely, where would you keep it? I hear you: somewhere hard to get at. The body is that canny a beast. It needs energy and it knows it may not always get at its source: food. So it stores a reserve of fat. And then when it needs to burn something for energy it skips the storehouse; that, is for a rainy day. When the body needs energy it reaches for muscle. Crazy, isn’t it? The very thing you want to keep, it breaks down; what you want to lose, it keeps. Your body stores its own precious valuables where it’s hardest for you to reach: around your waistline. Smart, eh? OK, so you go to the gym every day, and you do your crunches and your cardio and your stomach twists and all and still the road to a “flat not flab” belly is hard and long. Of course, the easy way to a washboard stomach (apart from starvation) is not to have your body store anything there in the first place. Oops! Too late.


2 responses

  1. akaelladelaney

    The abdomen is the reason why man does not readily take himself to be a god.
    Friedrich Nietzsche
    Your post reminded me of this quote…Thanks for sharing, I’m a bit hung up on my tum today, it’s nice to be reminded that my fat has a function!

    April 29, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    • d3mola

      Thanks for commenting. I am one of those boys chasing a flat abdomen. No, not a god yet!
      I checked out your posts; you write really well. I’ll be following.

      April 29, 2012 at 12:37 pm

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