alea iacta esto

The Egoist

He was made for me. Me! Look, this ring, he gave me on our first night. You hear, our first night. It was his mama’s. OK! His mama’s. He gave it to me. I was made for him. My heart, my life they are his. We belong together. We were meant to be together! OK. Together! So how dare you come here and try to take my man, you home wrecker? Go get a man of your own, fucking bitch.

Me, bitch? You think he’s your fucking property?

Yes, you fucking whore. He’s mine. MINE! And I’m his woman. Not you!

Your man? If he’s your man how come it was me he was fucking last night?

Jorge? JORGE! Is it true? You said you belonged to me! You lied?

Pah. No man belongs to any woman. They belong to us all.


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