alea iacta esto

On Easter, Hell Is Where I Wanna Be

That’s right. Hell. A place where you know what’s what, what’s hot and what’s not. No doubt it will have its share of knaves but you know what you’re getting. It won’t be, Heaven, a spiritual Potemkin city overcrowded with bigots and hypocrites singing hallelujah with unquestioning obedience. God is quite welcome to people of that sort. Cross their hearts, say their Hail Marys and confess Jesus as Lord. All the while stabbing their blade of righteousness into any heart that says “Nay”. Well, I wanna hang out with truth seekers, my family of clear-conscience brothers and sisters for whom kindness, integrity, open-mindedness and refusal to bow before an unyielding deity are bands of honour. Yeah, that’s right. Gimme hell.

PS Maybe we can convince the devil to put all the knaves in Room 101. The rest of us can have a riot of party. For eternity.


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