alea iacta esto

Holidays Are Fun

Holidays are fun.
You can wake up at 10.30 and not be late for a meeting
You can walk all day, sleep all night, nap all noon and not an ounce of guilt
You catch up with friends and enjoy dinner without being in a hurry to leave
You can have a pot of ice-cream and gym is a language you don’t understand
You fall in love again with the camera you bought two years ago
And find the new iPhone camera is smaller, sleeker, lighter and better
You walk strange streets at night and realise that
You have no idea which direction the cars are coming from
You walk strange streets by day and get lost with map in hand
You’re lazy at the beach sipping mojito and politics is a bore
New sounds, new food, new loves, a new lease of life
You fall in love with you and finally life is a blast
We should do more time off even if bosses hate it
Because compared to work, holidays are so much fun.


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