alea iacta esto

When God Shows Up

If one starts with the belief that the Bible is the word of God, it’s easy to go astray. The Bible is the sole source of it’s own veracity. Just like the Koran. That should make any thinking person nervous.

The Bible and the Koran were written by men. By forceful and driven men who want you to follow their teachings and crucially, their leadership. Of course they are going to tell you that their written word is the truth, the only truth and that you’re damned if you don’t follow them. One religion glories in sinners being sent to hell, the other glories in blowing infidels up. The use of fear and violence is an ancient tactic to cow the uncommitted.

When one’s truth comes from only one place, one opens up to being brainwashed and deceived. The fact that one believes so genuinely, so lovingly, so strongly has absolutely nothing to do with whether a “holy” book is truth. Or whether God is out there or in here. Believing that Jesus will return tomorrow or soon or that Allah has seven virgins waiting for one in paradise or that “I can’t believe there’s nothing else to life” is not the same thing as any of those fantasies is true. One can believe in Ptolemaic astronomy as much as one likes but the earth goes around the sun.

Believers are not the only ones to “truly” believe in falsities. It happens all the time to all peoples. That’s why thinkers do not accept unverifiable faith. If God exists, he needs to show up. Atheists will believe when God shows up. But he won’t, because he doesn’t exist.


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