alea iacta esto

Sky Launches F1 Channel

Bookstores are closing, freedom seekers in Damascus are being shot from rooftops, Iran is hellbent on being a global nuisance, children in Africa are dying again (some people need to be taught family planning), children in Britain are begetting children (some people need family discipline), the economy is booming or in recession or in depression depending on which report you read, Europe is exploding ….

Sky launches a brand new HD channel dedicated to Formula 1. A swath of men from London to Calcutta will be spending a substantial fraction of their short lives watching driven men driving ludicrously expensive cars round and around, around and round a racetrack. Every practice session will be shown live. You can even go behind the scenes perhaps into the brain of a featured driver and find out what he’s actually thinking behind the wheel: “I win this race and I’m f*g banging that redhead – I don’t give a fuck she’s my mechanic’s daughter”.

OK, if I’m dreaming, someone slap me ’cause I need to wake up.


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