Resolution Possible: The 2012 Protocol

Poop less. Earn more. Save more. Live smarter. Dress sharper. Live braver. Eat better. Drink wisely. Dream in colour. Live in magic. Laugh more. Worry less. Think different. Think big. Embrace success. Return to ju jitsu. Take boxing lessons (or Kung Fu). Dance sublimely. And wickedly. Question everything. Read people. Fake it. Sweat it but don’t show it. Be savvy, politically. Trust but verify. Be assertive. Speak imaginatively. Listen discerningly. Think thoroughly. Think through. Consider everything three steps ahead. Read precociously (a bit late for that so), read prolifically. Travel. Pinch myself, I’m ALIVE! It won’t be this way forever. I’ve been lucky. Take nothing for granted. Share love. Share goodness. Live creatively. Inhale the wondrous universe. One day it will be gone and I’ve been lucky to see it. Refuse lies. Refute myths. Eyes wide open – see the world as it is and not as I saw it. Shit happens. So does stuff. Lady Luck does not discriminate so grab my share of breaks. Work smarter. Much smarter. Be humble. Flee hubris. Fuck assholes up. Be kind to the loving. Sleep well. Exercise unfailingly (there’s an Olympian god in there somewhere). Feed the brain its favourite drug, glucose. And adrenaline. Live life on the edge but inside the rim. Relax. Meditate. Recuperate. Seek these three: great health, wisdom and love. That’s true wealth for ya. [After comes the base kind, lord knows I’ve worked hard enough]. And if I die, die happy and peacefully.

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