alea iacta esto

“Accept nothing, believe no one, confirm everything”

After eighteen years, Stephen Lawrence finally tastes Justice’s canapes – a full meal would require all five, not just two, of his murderers to be convicted. Crime TV addicts around the world may watch their favourite British drama and wonder at the incomparable efficiency and brilliance of Scotland Yard but we here on the ground have our noses rubbed in the filth of the Police’s racism, corruption and overweening arrogance. After eighteen years, an army of very courageous and determined black and white Britons (and thanks to our white compatriots without whom this would not have been cracked) have triumphed in a case that exposes the appalling incompetence of the Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution Service. As Former Deputy Commissioner John Grieve says in the program, The Boys Who Killed Stephen Lawrence (Part 4), “Accept nothing, believe no one, confirm everything”. It’s unfortunate that this must be the way we shall need to relate to our public servants. It may have taken eighteen years for Stephen but at least some justice has been done. I imagine there are many many cold cases the Met would like to stay frozen.


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