alea iacta esto

Solitude Can Be Bliss

One great thing when someone cancels lunch with you is that you don’t, after all, have to sit for an hour and hear them whinge about their job and their boss, about their boyfriends and their housemates, about their mother or the dreaded mother-in-law. An hour watching them pick at their food while you, guiltily, wolf yours down like the glutton you are when thoroughly famished. It’s not like the cafe is not going to charge you just because, poor thing, she’s had the life sucked out of her and you’re the shoulder to cry on.

Now if peradventure, the same person stands you up, TWICE!, resist the urge to send them a nasty email and instead fall on your knees (twice) and thank Providence for having spared you (twice) the ordeal of playing sucker to whingers. That little voice whispering that you’ve been cold-cut because your friend had more interesting company …. nah that’s the devil doing his thing, lying and causing mischief. Lunch solus is truly to be treasured – time to catch your breath, time to think if that’s not allowed at work, time to mumble mumbo-jumbos to yourself and share private jokes with your brain that will be replayed in midnight dreams, time to enjoy that old hit on the iPod pretending to be Curtis Stigers playing the sax (or was it the trumpet, anyway) or mind-dancing on stage to Michael Jackson. What you shouldn’t do, in fact should be pronounced a little sin, is to spend lunch at your desk finishing that interminable spreadsheet. That is sad. Next time you’re stood up, go outside and taste the wind.


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