alea iacta esto

Anarchy In The UK

Last week rioters went mad on the streets of England. For four nights I sat glued to my television, along with other law-abiding citizens, transfixed at images of masked teenagers breaking into shops and grabbing every fashion item in sight from flat screen TVs to watches to trainers to bicycles to clothes. At first I held the opinion that the police needed to shoot all the gangs of thieves (with plastic bullets of course) to stop the craze. But then the news that some looters were as young as ten. Ten! How do you shoot a 10-yar-old boy and still claim to be civilized? So instead we let them loot and now over 2000 people are arrested. I can’t help wondering, given the rate at which goods go out of fashion, what happens when the kids who have escaped arrest want the “latest” must-haves. I shudder! Seriously isn’t it time we re-introduced corporal punishment? No doubt lashings will do nothing for the hardcore but these we can lock up. For most of the rest however surely a good beating might do them a world of good which incidentally is a higher probability than the current approach which fails them completely.


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