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Jam On Revenge

Every so often I go on a nostalgia trip. I start playing records that were hip and hot when I was much younger (and cute too) and I can tell you that they don’t play them like they used to. Sometimes I’d come across an old classic that hasn’t been played on radio for a long long time and my mind would switch to daydreaming: I’m rich and powerful and produce a remake of the classic and it’s a worldwide smash. One song ready for that treatment is the tune Jam On Revenge by Newcleus which has the bewitchingly catchy phrase “Wikki Wikki Wikki” in it. There’s Wiki all over the news today but it’s not Newcleus!

One of the things I couldn’t do well as a boy was lie. It wasn’t that I never did (like when I’d claim expenses for school work and spend it some on records) but that I always knew a knowing eye was keeping a tab and writing it all up in the big book. The kind of dare-devilry of psychopaths like Frank Abagnale depicted in the film Catch Me If You Can was beyond me even if, secretly, I envied such chutzpah. See, growing up in a hellfire church environment, I grew up with the fear of God. We all know how God punishes bad boys. He’s got the whole world in His hands and His eyes in everyone’s business. And if like me you spent a lot of time watching TV programmes like Scoobie Doo or reading books like Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five you know that liars and bad people soon get what’s coming to them. So I listened carefully to my seniors: always tell the truth.

It’s a real shock then that when one grows up one learns that one’s elders are the most accomplished of liars: Tell that friend of mine who’s come looking for me that I’m not at home. Ahem. This is for your own good. Smack! The birds and the bees. Right. Heaven in the sky. Oh oh. Your country needs you. Usually dead. In the West, we are all innocent until proven guilty. Go on, laugh. If you don’t do well at school you’ll end up on the street. Maybe. All commies are evil. Amen. To be honest about it, democratic governments operate some of the most sophisticated machines ever conceived to keep their populations inert and state “secrets” locked up. Am I outraged? It’s our country. Government by the people, for the people. Ha! The government is run with our money. Yet we can be stopped and searched at random for no reason by state mercenaries, cough, cough the police, and locked up with no explanation except for the whisper “terrorism”.

At first I was shocked that Wikileaks did release state secrets. Our enemies would really go to town. But more importantly, if diplomatic chatter can’t be frank and candid for fear of public revelations then what have we left? Surely, we are in a pickle. I have heard the howls of “freedom of the press”. Should the press be allowed to publish the nuclear strike codes? OK, so Assange hasn’t gone that far and evidently won’t be sitting in a London jail. He hoped to get bail but the British justice system plays by the rules and if perchance some recalcitrant judge decides not to play ball we can be sure that the Secretary of State for something meaningless will step in. I still think Assange’s diplomatic documents leak is a bridge too far. But are we really going to kill him for it? We don’t do such things in the West. Hell, no! And the next time someone (especially a government official or worse a politician) says that honesty is really the best policy I’ll know that I’m certainly looking at a hypocrite. Another world is safe for freedom, justice and the galactic funk. Jam on.


One response

  1. Dimi

    Brilliant! And spot on. The grown-ups just want to keep on lying to us kids, don’t they.

    December 15, 2010 at 7:46 am

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